ems_development_deDevelopment of software, hardware and production layout

Our development engineers’ expertise is comprehensive. All sections are covered, from the design (layout and mechanical design) to the development of hardware and software. The systems and components can be tested in-house in our own laboratories. This includes long-term running tests and EMC tests, as well as reliability, climatic endurance, mechanical consistency and optical characteristics.

Another decisive factor in the success and economic feasibility of a product is intense and continuous collaboration between the engineers in development and production. At all stages during the creation of the production layout, we place great value on the inclusion of the various development areas in order both to guarantee optimum producibility under technical and economic conditions, and to ensure optimum product and process quality. It is only in this way that a product can be produced that satisfies both the customer and the entrepreneur. One of the prerequisites for this success is optimum choice of materials.