SMD and THT assembly

ems_smd_deRegardless of the demands you place on your product, we can offer you the necessary machinery to realise it, as we have not only over 15 state-of-the-art pick & place lines on our premises, but we also specialise in the specific requirements of various different sectors and batch sizes at our various locations.

Our high-performance pick & place lines have production capacity: > 1 million cph (components per hour)

Fast and fully automated production lines for placing SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components, equipped with:
• High quality screen printers
• Automatic solder paste inspection machines SPI-3D
• Automatic optical inspection machines AOI-3D
• Production tracking system and flow elements on the line – Trace control & Trace material
Tray Tower Modules (replacement parts packaged in trays – on line)
• Modern reflow ovens with nitrogen (N2) zones for high quality solder joints
• Laser marking machines for PCB (2D barcode) – provides full product traceability throughout the all process

Highly efficient pick & place machines equipped with:
• Laser measurement of component thickness inspection
• Laser PCB warp sensor
• 3D sensor for QFP (3D coplanarity measurement)
• Multi Recognition Camera allows placing all commercially available components: QFP, μBGA, QFN, CSP, CONNECTOR, 01005 chip to 100mm x 90mm
• Intelligent feeders with automatic learning
• Very fast system for converting between different products manufacturing

We have the ability to assembly printed circuit boards of the size of 50 mm x 25 mm (2 x 1″) to 800 mm x 460 mm (31.5 x 18.11″).

We also have automatic THT (Through-Hole Technology) machines, as well as technologically advanced wave soldering units with full nitrogen (N2) tunnel.