Material Management & Supplier Networks

ems_material_1We use our central and local procurement offices to search out and qualify reliable suppliers all over the world. Whether hardware and software components or service provisions, the requirements we have concerning our suppliers are very high, but they are always entirely fair.

Apart from traditional procurement tasks, we continuously observe price developments in all procurement sectors and thus always achieve competitive purchase prices. Contract management for all subjects surrounding purchasing, logistics and quality is carried out by our own in-house solicitors.

ems_material_2Continuous monitoring uses individually developed and IT-supported processes to evaluate all necessary supplier key performance indicators and thus guarantees effective supplier control and early detection of changes in the market. The experience of our personnel in the field of material procurement benefits you, as does our worldwide network of reliable and qualified suppliers, which has been built up over many years. These have been qualified locally over the years using an effective supplier development programme and regular auditing. They have also been sensitised with regard to customized requirements so that the procurement processes could continuously been optimised. Sourcing via an online supplier platform, which has been developed regarding our matters, facilitates simple evaluation and comparison of various quotations. E-auctions complement the advantages of this electronic marketplace.

In addition to the central purchasing office in Daun/Germany, we have further local procurement teams and competence centres in Asia and Europe. This way we guarantee high flexibility for our customers. Many years of faithful collaboration with international manufacturers and suppliers pay off in the quality and availability of components and result in competitive price management.